Bespoke legalassistance.In 4 languages.

For over thirty years we have advised our clients on all the most complex matters of civil and commercial law. Thanks to our lawyers’ ability to provide tailored advice, in four languages, we have acquired considerable experience of top-level businesses. Originally founded by the Italian lawyer Raffaele De Falco and the German lawyer Horst Grompe as Studio Legale De Falco e Grompe, with a strong international focus, in 2022 we evolved into Studio Legale Grompe Redaelli e Associati.

We became a privileged interlocutor for international companies operating in Italy. Over time, our founder, a German national and an authority on all things German, has been joined by a team of professionals who are thoroughly familiar with American, Swiss, French, Spanish, English, Chinese and Japanese cultures.


In-depth analysis
and targeted solutions.
Our method.

Our method puts people at the centre of everything we do, to make every legal interaction less standard and more effective. We listen carefully and analytically to our client, to the other party’s counsel and to the judiciary, in order to fully understand each person’s expectations and the particular aspects of the case in hand.

We set reasonable objectives, avoiding rash optimism or promises that cannot be kept. We defend our clients’ interests by providing original, case-specific solutions, which would never be obtained by adopting a standard approach.

“ There is always a simpler and more elegant
way to solve a case. ”
Luigi Sergio Redaelli, Lawyer

Quiet strength.
Our style.

Over the years, we have developed a style of doing legal business based on listening to and finding common ground with all our interlocutors, be they clients, fellow lawyers or judges. Our preference for calm, measured dialogue has often led to swifter and less costly settlement of disputes. But even when a dispute reaches a necessarily more intense level, our decisive yet non-confrontational style, open to an exchange of ideas, has proven to be the most rational and effective modus operandi, and a distinctive trait of our firm.

“ Die Wirksamkeit eines Anwalts beruht
auf seine Interaktionsfähigkeit
mit allen beteiligten Gesprächspartnern. ”
Horst Grompe, Lawyer

Sharing knowledge.

Our personal, human approach and legal expertise are complemented by our affinity with innovation and technology. Whether using management software, video calls, data rooms or electronic filing services, our firm makes use of all available technology to streamline our work and share knowledge and opinions. Even WhatsApp.

We don’t look
for clients.

We look for people with whom we can build long-lasting relationships of trust. It is no coincidence that our clients have been with us for many years and that some of them have grown as we have. They trust our skill and our dedication and they know that every decision, every legal solution, will be the perfect fit for them. Because we know them inside out, and they us.


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