Environmental Law

Lawyers perfectly adapted
to the technical environment.

“ You cannot work effectively in environmental law
without informed engagement
with the world of technology. ”
Luigi Sergio Redaelli, Lawyer


In the field of environmental law, it is our ability to work well with technicians, engineers, biologists and chemists that enables us to successfully draw up the documentation required by the public authorities.

Coring; stratification; piezometers; the type and quantity of chemical substances to be identified; methods of effectuating land reclamation; noise pollution regulations; odour emissions; discharge of waste into water basins; waste classification categories: each of these issues has, over the years, added to our ability to work alongside our clients through every phase of the life of a production facility, from start-up to management, to closing and dismantlement. After 20 years of talking about heavy metals, mercury and hydrocarbons, we are perfectly positioned to link the technical world with that of the public administration. Also at European level.