A steadfast guide
in Mergers & Acquisitions.

“ M&A requires a comprehensive view,
which identifies past responsibilities
and anticipates those of the future. ”
Luigi Sergio Redaelli, Lawyer


Acquisitions, mergers, demergers, contributions in kind, restructuring, joint ventures: when we undertake M&A operations, we analyse and create a complete map of all the aspects of the life of a company, and then translate it into a contract.

It is a procedure that involves our specialists in the laws of employment, the environment, commerce and competition working in close collaboration with financial consultants. Only a comprehensive vision of the whole will enable us to identify any critical areas in a transaction and offer the client a steady guiding hand. And, as companies are entities that are continually changing, when a client comes to us about the acquisition of a business, we not only consider any liabilities that come to light, but also draft clauses protecting against the unknown. In fact, our legal skills are complemented by specific knowledge of industrial sectors such as the chemicals and machine manufacturing industries, which, while it might not allow us to predict the future, does help us to understand what might possibly happen.