Corporate Law

We help a company
to come into its own.

“ Bring it to life, protect it, and help it grow.
Caring for a company
is a full time commitment. ”
Davide Cinelli, Lawyer


Company incorporations, acquisitions, mergers, disposals, joint ventures, share capital increases: through corporate law we give shape to a company.

Working in close collaboration with notaries, accountants, and players from the company itself, we create original, tailored solutions that will not be found in books. Every document we produce, whether articles of association, a contract, or minutes, is not only formally faultless but is a distillation of several people’s input, obtained through listening and tact. Because a combination of a balanced approach and a capacity for mediation is an excellent way to find legal solutions that all parties can agree to and that open the way for growth and opportunity in a company’s future.