Art Law

We protect the value of art.
With a passion.

“ If you devote yourself to art law,
it is because you are a collector
yourself. ”
Horst Grompe, Lawyer


How to prove the authenticity of a painting and protect oneself from buying a work that may turn out to be a forgery? How to manage the international transportation of a work of art?

How to acquire the reproduction rights to a work of art or to challenge unauthorized reproductions? How to protect an artist in the real world and in the metaverse? Buying, selling and exhibiting works of art are among life’s great pleasures. But they are also activities that raise particular issues and require open-minded legal advisers who are familiar with the latest regulations. We help collectors, creators and curators to protect the value of art. Whether we are dealing with artworks, antiques or other luxury collectors’ items, our firm operates internationally in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.